Storefront glass sets you apart from competitors

The appearance of your business can be what makes or breaks it. Even if you have the best product, service, or amenity, if you aren’t looking your best at all times you may fail to bring in the customers. Whether you’re in need of a brand new storefront, or simply some commercial glass repair, our expert technicians will assist with everything from fabrication to installation. Make over your store, or touch it up with the professionals at See Bee Glass, and enjoy the perks of being the best looking storefront on the block.

Vestibules are important to make your building greener and to help survive the St Paul winter!

A vestibule is a type of green door that mitigates heat loss by separating Minnesota’s extreme exterior elements from the interior elements. Adding a vestibule to your storefront windows prevents unpressurized, unheated or unconditioned air from rushing inside when the door is opened. Get ready for winters in Wisconsin, St Paul, and the Minneapolis area with a new vestibule

Remodel your bathroom with a glass shower enclosure.

Framed shower doors – For budget-conscious remodelers, a framed glass shower door is the least expensive option. It is built from thin glass and is enclosed by sturdy metal.

Semi-frameless shower doors – With a mix of style and affordability, a semi-frameless enclosure is comprised of a subtle metal frame and thicker glass.

Frameless shower doors – In terms of elegance, a frameless shower is the top of the line. It is more expensive than other options, but it typically lasts longer and increases the value of a home.